The River City Rumble Poetry Slam

River City Rumble Poetry Slam 2024

CONGRATS  to our 2024  River City Rumble  winner


The River City Rumble is an annual poetry slam competition that invites individual poets from across San Antonio, other Texas cities, and beyond to compete for cash prizes and the title of River City Rumble Champion. 

Past Winners:
2023 -  L.J. Hamilton
2022 - Georgie Lee
2023 - Blacqwildflwr 

Who will be next?? 

Competition will run as follows:

The slam consists of 4 rounds:
- 2 minute & 1 minute rounds where the scores are added together and top 8 poets advance
- a clean slate 3 minute rounds where the top 4 poets advance
-  and a final 3 minute round where winners are determined by cumulative scores of all 4 rounds

In the event of any type of tie, the total scores from the 1 minute round will determine the tie breaker.

Order for the 2 minute round is random draw.

Order for the 1 minute round will go as follows: poets 9-16 in the 1 minute round will compete in slots 1-8; poets 1-8 will be in slots 9-16.

Order for the 1st 3 minute round is low to high (cumulative).

Order for the final round is high to low from the 3rd round.

Each round is allowed a 10 second grace period at which point the poet is stopped from continuing; no time penalties assessed.