Our Board & Staff

WAO Board of Directors:

Paul Gerard Wilkinson Jr. (Board Chair, Founder) 

Paul Gerard Wilkinson Jr. is a poet, photographer, and community organizer from San Antonio, Texas.

Andrea Sanderson (Board Member, Founder)

Andrea ‘Vocab’ Sanderson is a poet, musician, entertainer, and community organizer from San Antonio, TX. ​She is the host of two poetry venues in San Antonio: 2nd Verse and Jazz Poetry with a Purpose. In 2020, she was named Poet Laureate of San Antonio.

Jason Gossard (Board Member, Founder)
Jason "Shaggy" Gossard is an educator at the Circle School. Jason is also a writer, poet and organizer for Puro Slam San Antonio. 

WAO Staff

Christopher Martinez (Executive Director, Founder)
Christopher ‘Rooster’ Martinez is a local San Antonio poet and community organizer, the poet in resident at Lanier High School, and received his MA/MFA in English in creative writing, literature and social justice from Our Lady of the Lake University. He co-founded the Blah Poetry Spot in 2012. He is also an organizer and coach with Fresh Ink Youth Slam.

Mandy Lynn (Secretary)
Mandy Lynn is a San Antonio poet, performer, and community activist. She works with Gemini Ink and has represented San Antonio at numerous poetry slams and festivals.  

M.R. "Chibbi" Orduña (Director of Media Production)
M.R. “Chibbi” Orduña is a Mexican-born, Texas-raised queer poet and actor, the founder of Laredo BorderSlam, Executive Director and co-host of the Words and Sh*t virtual talk show and podcast, and 2-time San Antonio Slam Champion. You can follow him on IG @gemineyes  

Dominique Edmonds- Martinez (Treasurer)
Dominique Edmonds - Martinez is a community organizers and activist. Her work centers on improving the socio-educational and economic betterment of opportunity youth.