Bx3 Poetry Slam

The Bx3 poetry Slam

Bx3 Poetry Slam Official Slam Rules

& Bylaws in Accordance with Write Art Out.

Slams take place at the end of each month at Jandro's Garden Patio from May-December. Poets earn points throughout the season. Top scoring poets will qualify for Bx3 Slam Finals to earn a spot on the Blah Blah Blah Poetry Spot Slam Team. 

Bx3 Poetry Slam is a subdivision of the Blah Blah Blah Poetry Spot and directed by the Slam General Manager (Slam GM) - Dominique Edmonds-Martinez

The BX3 Poetry Slam season takes place between May and December. 

Grand Slam Champion:
2023 -  2024 Season - Cuppycake 

The 2023-2024 Bx3 Slam Team: 

Basic Poetry Slam Rules


● Judges are to be selected at random.

● Judges will be vetted for fairness (ie. not having arrived with or being close friends with a

competitor, no family members of competitors, etc.) and to stay for the duration of the


● Poets will get a chance to see the judges.

● If a poet has an issue with any judge, the complaint will be heard and, depending on the

nature of the complaint, the judge may be replaced. Judge replacement will be at the

discretion of the bout manager.

Code of Conduct:

Slam Season Rules and Other Information:

These rules and bylaws are written in accordance with Write Art Out Inc. and ratified by the directors of WAO Inc. Any changes may be proposed by any member of the Write Art Out and Blah Blah Blah Poetry Spot community. Official changes must be considered and agreed upon by previously stated directors of WAO. Rules are subject to change with directors' approval.